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Breathwork + Yoga


Get stronger, clearer and find your true potential as you open yourself to the transformative power of your breath.


If we want to take a full-deep breath that feels good, certain places in our body need to be able to expand freely. Other places need to have sufficient strength. And both these areas affect neighboring chains of muscle and fascia. Between them they run like lines from the head to the toes. When your breath is restricted, it shows up as tightness or weakness anywhere along these connections.

BreathYoga sequences movements together that are cued in specific ways to target these lines and develop breath freedom as a new habit. Specific practices include structured breath holding, conscious connected breathwork, breath suspension, and resonance frequency breathing. You may not be familiar with all those terms, but each is designed to amplify the physical experience from the inside.  

BreathYoga makes you stronger and your breathing feel more open and more free. The results? Weaknesses in the body dissipate and you get stronger. Long-held tightness softens. Your posture gets better. And there’s no freedom like the simple pleasure of breathing better.



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