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We take around 7 million breaths in a lifetime.

Within each of these lies an extraordinary potential for personal transformation. While most of these breaths go unnoticed, they hold the power to facilitate healing, foster wellbeing, and fuel personal growth.

Take our Resonance Awakening course on Conscious Breathing and Guided Journaling- it's free!

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Resonance Awakening Course

Conscious Breathing and Guided Journaling

Learn a powerful practice to heal and shape your future. Free! 

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Conscious Breath Bundle

Breathe to Heal, Energize and Awaken!

Our 3-Course Bundle covering the essential breath practices you need to master your breath! 6 hours of guided practice and theory. 

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Breath Body & Mind Weekend Deep Dive


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Breath Body & Mind

One-to-One Sessions


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QI Gong and Breathwork Retreat

Discover the spiritual side of Japan in this exclusive retreat at an 850 year old temple on Mount Koya Japan

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Breathe Meetup 

Guided light yoga, conscious breathing practices, and meditation. 2-hour guided experience. Beginners welcome. Taught in English and Japanese. First Saturdays of every month at 6 HAWAS Studio Osaka, (Japan)

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Breath, Body & Mind


breath body mind

Conscious breathing is every single person's birthright.

BreathYoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered School of Yoga which offers breath, body and mind practices based on 2,500 years of exploration into health and human potential.

Our mission is to unlock the extraordinary benefits of conscious breathing for individuals worldwide, to harness the incredible potential that is waiting for you, literally right under your own nose.


Build a bridge with breath to your body and mind. Influence your health, mind and emotions, and get straight to the root of who you are.


Life is an interplay of breath, body and mind. The states you want to experience goes beyond thoughts; it includes a physiology and a rhythm of breath.


Harness the power of your mind and energy, shape your future, and get increased focus, clarity and choice.  

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