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We take around 7 million breaths in a lifetime.

Within each of these lies an extraordinary potential for personal transformation. While most of these breaths go unnoticed, they hold the power to facilitate healing, foster wellbeing, and fuel personal growth.

Start today with an effective practice to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and build strength that you can use for free. 


BreathYoga offers breath, body and mind practices based on 2,500 years of exploration into health and human potential. Our mission is to unlock the extraordinary benefits of conscious breathing for individuals worldwide, to harness the incredible potential that is waiting for you, literally right under your own nose.


Breath is usually out of consciousness for good reason. But as you become conscious of your breath and learn to work with it, breath becomes an accessible bridge to your body and mind. Learn how to work with your breath to influence your health, mind and emotions, and get straight to the root of who you are.


We experience life through the interplay of breath, body and mind. Just as anxiety manifests with an accelerated heart rate, dilated pupils, and increased sweat, true confidence and other desirable states transcends mere thoughts; they include a physiology and a rhythm of breath.


Our mind is our most powerful tool if we know how to use it. BreathYoga harnesses this power with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and visualizations which synchronize with the breath. Learn how to influence your conscious and unconscious minds, heal past wounds, heighten awareness, and shape your future as you want it be.




Monthly Breathwork Meetup in Kobe and Osaka


Guided light yoga, conscious breathing practices, and meditation. 2-hour guided experience. Beginners are welcome. Taught in English and Japanese. First Saturdays at 6 HAWAS Osaka, last Saturdays at Space Wani in Kitano Kobe.

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Breathe to Heal

Breathwork for Healing.

Resonance Frequency Breathing synchronizes heart, blood pressure and nervous system. Builds heart rate variability, stops chronic inflammation, normalizes blood pressure and releases stress. 

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Breathe to Energize

Breathwork for Performance.

Boost energy, stamina and resilience, recreating high altitude training wherever you are. 

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Breathe to Awaken

Breathwork for Strength.

New! Become strong, lift your energy and awaken into higher consciousness. Learn the 3 powerful yoga breathing exercises of Mysore, India. 

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Learn the '3 Must-Know Breath Techniques' Course FREE

3-breath lessons in 3 days. Easy, effective practices that anyone can do to quickly conquer anxiety, let go of stress and boost your energy.

Learn the '3 Must-Know Breath Techniques Course' FREE

3-breath lessons in 3 days. Easy, effective practices that anyone can do to quickly conquer anxiety, let go of stress and boost energy.