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How about a pathway to positivity, and a future you're genuinely excited about living in?

The past years have been challenging… struggling with uncertainties and feeling off-balance.  

The way our intentional thoughts, words and actions shape our realities for the better is not just a philosophy- it is a tangible way of life. 

Yet, here's the catch: when your breath, body and mind fall out of sync, the magic wanes.


So, can you align these elements, reigniting your ability to manifest the life you truly deserve?



Discover Resonance Awakening


Resonance Awakening is a transformative journey crafted to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

Through conscious breathing and guided journaling, this practice redefines your life approach, instilling positivity and balance. 



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What is Resonance Awakening about?

🌬️🧘‍♂️ Conscious Breathing: 12 minutes of Resonance Frequency Breathing, syncing your heart rate, blood pressure, and nervous system to achieve optimal resonance.

📖🖋️Guided Journaling: 12 minutes of self-discovery and release through structured journaling exercises, uncovering insights and working with visualizations and affirmations.

🧠❤️ Mind-Body Connection: Through your day cultivate a deep connection between your thoughts, actions, and energies, creating alignment for a more fulfilling life.

✨🔄 Positive Transformation: Elevate your mindset, enhancing focus, clarity, and the ability to attract the life you desire.

"I learned so much about my breathing and my heart. So much knowledge and information that i never knew about before. I am excited to be able to share my learning with my clients/friends/family"
-Christina Phillips

How Does it Work?

Resonance Awakening takes under one hour to learn and requires just 30 minutes daily, spanning three steps. Lasting for 30 days, this isn't a practice confined by dates. It’s a transformative path extending beyond time constraints. Once embraced, it becomes an enduring part of your life, not bound by calendars but embedded in your daily routine, guiding you perpetually.

Resonance Frequency Breathing  (12 Min)

Aligning with your personal resonance, synchronizing your heart rate and nervous system for inner harmony. Read more about Resonance Frequency Breathing


Guided Journaling  (12 Min)

Exploring self-discovery and affirmations using guided journaling techniques to unveil profound insights.


Mind and Energy Work 

Integrate mindful practices into your day, fostering a deep connection between your thoughts, actions, and energies, shaping a fulfilling life path.


Weekly Themes and Community Support

Access weekly journaling prompts, practice tips, and a supportive community for guidance and encouragement on your journey to personal transformation.

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"Although I have studied several breathing techniques intensively over the last 25 years, I was delighted with this course and reinspired about breathing techniques, so much so that I immediately sent links to this course out to many of my own students and even to my family members. Masterly taught by Adrian" - Paddy McGrath

About Me

I'm Adrian Cox, a dedicated practitioner with over 30 years of expertise in yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindset coaching.  My journey has spanned continents, fostering a reputation for high-quality, authentic practices. Resonance Awakening reflects my daily ritual, transforming my life profoundly.

 I'm passionate about sharing this practice, empowering individuals worldwide to embrace positivity and lead fulfilling lives.

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