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Conscious Breath Course Bundle

 Breathe to Heal, Energize and Awaken!

🌬️ Introducing the Conscious Breath Course Bundle - Breathe to Heal, Energize, and Awaken!

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive, 6-hour Conscious Breath Course Bundle, a synergistic compilation of three powerful courses: Breathe to Heal, Breathe to Energize, and Breathe to Awaken. This bundle is meticulously crafted to guide you through the profound realms of breathwork, offering a holistic approach to wellness, performance enhancement, and spiritual awakening.


 Unveiling the Power of Conscious Breathing:
A Bundle Like No Other

Why choose one when you can have it all?

Our Conscious Breath Course Bundle seamlessly weaves together three distinct courses, each focusing on a unique aspect of breath mastery. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, this bundle caters to all levels, ensuring a rich and fulfilling learning experience.


🌟 What Sets Us Apart?

  • In-Depth Modules: Over six hours of content as you dive deep into the art and science of Resonance Frequency Breathing, explore the performance-enhancing benefits of breath holding, and unlock the secrets of Indian pranayama.

  • Expert Guidance: Our courses are taught by Adrian Cox, an expert in the fields of yoga, breathwork, and holistic wellness. Benefit from his wisdom and expertise as you navigate through each module.

  • Flexible Learning: Access the courses at your own pace. Our user-friendly platform allows you to revisit lessons, ensuring a thorough understanding of each breathing technique.

  • Comprehensive Support: Have burning questions? Join our community forum to engage with fellow breathwork enthusiasts and receive support from Adrian.

"Although I have studied several breathing techniques intensively over the last 25 years, I was delighted with this course and reinspired about breathing techniques, so much so that I immediately sent links to this course out to many of my own students and even to my family members. Masterly taught by Adrian" - Paddy McGrath

📚 Course Highlights:

Here's a sneak peek into what each course offers:

Breathe to Heal Course BreathYoga


Breathe to Heal

Breathwork for Healing.

Resonance Frequency Breathing synchronizes heart, blood pressure and nervous system. Builds heart rate variability, stops chronic inflammation, normalizes blood pressure and releases stress. 

Click here to learn what is inside this course.

Breathe to Energize

Breathwork for Performance.

Boost energy, stamina and resilience, recreating high altitude training wherever you are. Click here to learn what is inside this course

Breathe to Awaken

Breathwork for Strength.

New! Become strong, lift your energy and awaken into higher consciousness. Learn the 3 powerful yoga breathing exercises of Mysore, India.  Click here to know exactly what is inside this course.

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"I learned so much about my breathing and my heart. So much knowledge and information that i never knew about before. I am excited to be able to share my learning with my clients/friends/family"
-Christina Phillips

 💫 Benefits of the Conscious Breath Course Bundle:

  • Beginner Friendly: Learn from the basics to advanced in this 3-part course.
  • Body-Mind Wellness: Cultivate a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit.

  • Performance Enhancement: Elevate your physical and mental performance through breath mastery.

  • Spiritual Insight: Embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and spiritual insight.

  • Rich Content: Over 6 hours of teaching on three essential practices to master your breath
  • Community Support: get your questions answered and accountability you need 
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"I thoroughly enjoyed the course! His presentation is calming and detailed enough to make me feel like I have really gotten a good start. Looking forward to your next course!"-Michael Olszewski

 🔍 Optional Add-On:
One-to-One Breath-Body-Mind Session

Take your breathwork journey to the next level with personalized guidance. Opt for private one-to-one online sessions, where Adrian will tailor the course to meet your specific needs and goals. Add-on with this bundle for only $50 (Our regular rate is $80!)

 🛒 Ready to Elevate Your Breathwork Practice?

Click "Buy Now" to embark on a journey of self-discovery, enhanced performance, and profound well-being. The Conscious Breath Course Bundle awaits, offering you a gateway to the transformative power of conscious breathing.

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