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You get around 7 million breaths in a lifetime.

Yet most of these are unconscious. Missed opportunities. Conscious breathing catalyzes positive change, lowers stress, and increases your focus and clarity. Your physical health improves; lowering blood pressure, increasing heart rate variability and getting an edge in sports performance.

But there is so much more.

"The means to the mastery of your mind is through the breath alone, and no other way" -Yoga Bija 69 


Go deeper into the interconnectedness of breath, body, and mind, and you unlock benefits and experiences that transcend the ordinary.  Throughout human history, various cultures have encoded this with words like "inspiration" (Latin), "気" (Chinese/Japanese) and "Prana" (Sanskrit) which not only refer to the act of breathing, but also the life force energy within us.  

The more you explore, the more deeply you transform. Synergies will seem to come from the heart of life itself. Your potential awaits you, and it's right here, quite literally, under your own nose. 

BreathYoga offers you effective, masterfully taught breath, body and mind practices which are based on 2,500 years of exploration into health and human potential. Start today

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When you work with breath you build a bridge to the body and the mind. As such, BreathYoga is about these three things: the healing of and optimization of breath, body and mind. Whether you are here to learn for professional development or you are looking for a place to heal and accelerate personal growth, you are welcome.

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About BreathYoga

BreathYoga integrates breathwork practices with alignment-based Vinyasa flow yoga. It is specifically designed to open the breath by working with connective tissues which run the length of your body from head to toe. BreathYoga was created by Adrian Cox, a master teacher and coach of breath, yoga, meditation and mindset with over 25 years of experience.

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