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Monthly Breathwork Meetup in Osaka, Japan



Guided Breathwork and Yoga Experience in English and Japanese

Release Stress, Free Your Breath and Open to Light and Energy
Guided light yoga, conscious breathing practices, and meditation. 2-hour guided experience. Beginner’s welcome. Taught in English and Japanese.

First Saturdays of every month from 10AM-12PM @ 6 HAWAS, Shinsaibashi, Osaka. 


Experience Your Breath

Beginners Welcome!

We all know breathing is important but mostly we are really bad at knowing how to do it right. Our respiration patterns reflect the deeply held state of body, mind and emotions. Conscious breathing is a powerful leverage we can use to improve our health, let go of the past, hit reset and allow in a new life of energy and possibility. It feels amazing!


 Maybe you:

  • have heard about breathwork and want to experience it for yourself.
  • are living a conscious life and want to enhance your practices to go deeper.
  • are needing a shift in your life and are looking for a place to begin.

Breathwork Meetup is an opportunity to gather in a friendly and supportive setting to explore your body, breath and energy. No prior experience is needed.

First Saturdays of the Month at 6Hawas Studio Shinsaibashi


Step One: Open Your Breath Freedom

Years of accumulated stress and bad breathing habits leave their mark on the body. You will be guided to feel the full-range of your breathing movements and gently work with postures release tightness associated with restricted breathing. Every movement is guided, gentle and can be adapted to people of any ability level.

Step Two: Conscious Breathing

Breathe into the openness of your body and mind, releasing stress on your exhalation, inviting possibilities in with your inhalation. As the practice continues, you may begin to release stuck memories or places of hurt to be replaced with awareness and lightness.


Step Three: Meditation and Absorption

Conscious Connected Breathwork builds up in gentle intensity and ebbs into a delicious state of clarity and feeling of having had deep rest. Here you will touch into that place the wisdom traditions describe as the Self, or pure consciousness- the awareness within you underlying the fluctuations of the mind.


Breathe Meetup Guides

Adrian Cox

is the main teacher of Breathe Meetup. Adrian is a deeply experienced teacher who has founded and led two international schools of yoga. He is a certified breathwork trainer and has been teaching yoga, breathwork and meditation around the world since 1999. 
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Wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in

Do not eat 2 hours before the meetup

Please arrive 10 minutes early

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