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Breathwork for Performance. Boost energy, vitality and mental peace using breathwork which recreates high altitude training wherever you are.
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"In Just 10 Minutes a Day You Can Measurably Increase Stamina and Energy Levels With a Breathing Method Known to Elite Athletes"


A breathing method you can use to radically boost your energy levels in just a few minutes a day in the comfort of your own home. It is easy and free once you know how!

The Breath Secret of Incredible Performance


The science behind Breathe to Energize comes from the observations of sports scientists working with the most elite level athletes of our time. 


High Altitude Training

Sports scientists began studying high altitude training after observing that athletes who competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City at an altitude of 2,240 meters returned home to have performance that beat their previous best records. Spending time in low oxygen environments could bring out more stamina than what training at sea-level could do. 

More Oxygen

When the body senses low oxygen, the kidney produces a protein called EPO which triggers more red blood cells to flood the system. More red blood cells = more energy

Olympic Swim Team Record Performance

James Counsilman coached the American swim team to record-busting performance with a swimming method of breathing less

The Greatest Runner of All Time

Czech athlete Emil Zatopek was called "the Greatest Runner of All Time" by Runner's World Magazine and won more Gold medals than any other runner before or since. His secret? Breathing less.

The Breathe to Energize Method

This practice requires only 4 steps and takes only about 10 minutes to finish three rounds

#1: Twenty Conscious Connected Breaths

Follow the on screen guidance to breathe in deep full breaths into the upper chest and relax the breath out on your exhale. This quickly lowers CO2 in your body and makes it comfortable to not breathe for a minute or more afterwards


#2 Suspend Your Breathing

As you are guided into a state of meditation you will sit with a relaxed body neither holding the breath in nor out. This develops a mind-body connection and allows you to find comfort in a space between the breaths


#3 Bring Your Oxygen Level to 89%

If you have an oximeter (or can order one) then you'll know how to take this step. Just suspend your breath until your blood oxygen drops to 89%. This usually takes about one minute without breathing. An oximeter is only required for one exercise in Breathe to Energize


#4 Suspend Your Breath for Just 30 More Seconds

The research shows that just 30 seconds spend in a state where your blood oxygen is 89% or less, within hours your body will be flooded with new red blood cells. You will notice how much more stamina and energy you have in this process


The Body-Enhancing Benefits
of Breathe to Energize Practice


In a state of high CO2 and low oxygen your body will automatically begin to generate red blood cells as well as a number of other effects, including:




  • Bring a sense of calm and wellbeing while being filled with energy

"I have been a student of this topic for quite a long time, and Adrian Cox transfers his profound knowledge of Breathwork in a clear, interesting, and easy-to-understand style. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. The flow offers a structured pathway with excellent graphics and easy-to-follow exercises. This is the perfect training for anyone interested in this fascinating topic." -Dermot Ryan

Sneak Peak

Breathe to Energize is fully online course of 22 modules over 2.5 hours

Course Introduction


The Early Yogis


Oxygen and Performance


Breathe to Energize Practice #1


"Although I have studied several breathing techniques intensively over the last 25 years, I was delighted with this course and reinspired about breathing techniques ,so much so that I immediately sent links to this course out to many of my own students and even to my family members. Masterly taught by Adrian." -Paddy McGrath

Included in this course are several practice gems that are part of the go-to techniques I use to help people open their breathing power:

  • Guided Breath Awareness Practice

  • The Breathing Triangle

  • The Shambhavi Mudra Meditation 

At each stage of the program, there are practices which build upon each other, step by step. By the end of this course, you will have a daily 10-minute breathing practice which will revitalize you and bring you a new relationship with your body and mind!

"Great course! Clear and concise. Adrian knows his work and is certainly on my list of go to experts for Breathwork. Loved how the body anatomy was incorporated in order to understand how it effectively works with our breath and simple yet effective practices to incorporate in our day to day life." -Diana G


I'm Adrian Cox

I teach what I practice. A daily practice of yoga, breathing, and meditation for 25 years. My insatiable curiosity and drive for learning has opened the world to me, and led me to learn with many masters. I am passionate about what I do.

Breathing is our birthright, and changing your relationship with breath can make it easier to be more of the person you want to be, when you need to be. Over centuries and longer, different approaches to understanding and working with breath have emerged. I’ve studied those disciplines for decades, and integrated them into the work I do with BreathYoga. I'm the founder of two yoga schools and have worked with thousands of people, teaching the art and science of body, mind and spirit. 

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