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How Resonance Frequency Breathing Can Help with Inflammation

inflammation resonance frequency breathing Nov 12, 2022

Inflammation is a buzzword in the health industry today, but the truth is that high inflammation rates are actually one of the main underlying factors for a wide range of mental and physical health issues. By understanding the roots of inflammation, we can begin to address it and heal from within once and for all!

One of the most potent ways to improve inflammation is through this little-known technique called resonance frequency breathing. Today, we will explore these factors in greater depth and give you the tools to combat inflammation in your life and activate more profound healing capacities like never before. So, let’s dive in!


What Is Inflammation?

When you think of inflammation, the first thing that might pop into your mind is that red, hot, and puffy skin sensation you get after a sprained ankle. But did you know that inflammation might be occurring internally without you even realizing it?

Essentially, inflammation has five core symptoms, which are redness, heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function. But these factors don’t necessarily all need to be present, and inflammation can still occur without any of these symptoms, particularly when it occurs internally.

Some research suggests that inflammation is actually a sign of healing because it indicates that there are more immune healing cells present trying to fight off a foreign invader. For example, the inflammatory markers of swelling and heat are just a sign that there is increased metabolic activity in that region of your body working to protect and heal from within.

However, this natural healing mechanism can sometimes get out of whack and start causing harm instead. High inflammation rates are often a result of an overactive immune system. One of the most apparent ways to see this is in certain autoimmune conditions where the body attacks itself as a foreign invader, leaving behind inflammatory markers and inflamed tissue without the standard defense mechanisms to protect and repair. Essentially, your body is harming itself!

So, although inflammation can be a sign of healing and an essential part of the repair process, it can also swing in the opposite direction and start causing harm over time. This is especially the case when inflammation becomes chronic or when the body turns on itself in autoimmune conditions.


The Health Impacts of Inflammation

Recent research has found that internal inflammation may be the underlying cause of many mental and physical health issues. For example, inflammation in the brain is now directly linked to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline. The neuroinflammation hypothesis of depression essentially explains that our constant high-stress lifestyle is triggering an elevated response from the immune system, leading to neurotoxic chemicals in the brain that contributes to a range of mental health issues.

Another significant scientific breakthrough in the role of inflammation in chronic disease is through inflammation in the digestive system. Digestive inflammation is now seen as a common root cause of gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, SIBO, and leaky gut. When the digestive system is malfunctioning, this has a ripple effect on nearly every other system of your body because if you cannot digest and absorb nutrients, then your body cannot access the energy it needs to function.


How Can Resonance Frequency Breathing Help?

It’s clear that inflammation is a significant issue – so what can we do about it? Modern medicine might tell you to pop anti-inflammatory medication like candy, but did you know that there is a natural, side-effect-free way to reduce inflammation? It is called resonance frequency breathing!

Now, I know you might be thinking – how can breathing really make that much of a difference? We breathe all the time, so can it genuinely promote healing in a significant way?

Here’s the truth, resonance frequency breathing is a unique, science-backed breathing technique that helps calm down your nervous system to switch out of “fight-or-flight” mode and into “rest-and-digest” mode. One of the leading factors contributing to inflammation in the body and mind is the constant sympathetic dominance or “fight-or-flight” mode that is present in our society nowadays.

How many people do you know that are constantly stressed and running on the hamster wheel of never-ending work? This habitual pattern of overworking has put us all in a chronic “fight-or-flight” mode. Combine this with our highly inflammatory Standard American Diet (SAD), and it is no wonder that inflammation rates are climbing higher than ever before!

With this simple technique of reconnecting to your breath and consciously slowing down your breathing rate, you can switch out of this “fight-or-flight” mode and decrease inflammation in no time. Resonance frequency breathing helps you to tap directly into the body-mind connection and combat inflammation on all levels of your being to promote deep healing within.

Resonance frequency breathing isn’t just like any other breathing technique. This profound healing tool can genuinely help you tap into deeper layers of your body and mind to access your innate healing capacity from within.


Let’s Practice Resonance Rate Breathing!

So, how can you practice resonance frequency breathing? Resonance rate breathing is quite simple; all you need to do is slow down your breathing rate to around 5 to 6 breaths per minute. To deepen the benefits of this breathing technique, try to make your breath smooth without any pauses between inhalation or exhalation. You can also try using your diaphragm as you breathe by gently floating your abdomen in and out to deepen the breath throughout your entire body.

To dive even deeper into this profound topic of the healing power of the breath, make sure to check out some of my breathwork, yoga, and mindset courses. Through natural solutions to your health problems, you can truly get at the root cause of healing and access the vital, thriving life that you have been dreaming of!

So, please join me in my current online course, Breathe to Heal, for more information and to bring the practical step-by-step tools of resonance frequency breathing into your life today!




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